Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Cooks in the Kitchen

This weekend, I spent some precious time w/ my two girls, making pies.  For the first time, we made Grandma Peterson's pie crust recipe together.  Brooklin was a little grossed out by the messiness of the shortening & flour mixture.  Kinda made me giggle.  Brooklin sliced the apples & Natillie mixed up the crumb topping for the Dutch apple pie.  It didn't turn out as pretty as this perfectionist would have liked, but we had fun making it, and it sure tasted good. Next time we'll make sure we have plenty of apples to fill the crust.  What a wonderful way to spend our Sunday afternoon.  Maybe I have a couple of pie makers to help me open up shop again in the future!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

SWEET things to come!!!!

I've reinvented my blog, and I'm going to be adding some exciting posts soon.  Check back in the next several days, to see what's coming! 

No!  I'm not expecting!
Yes! It has to do with food!

See ya soon!